Our Story

Green Line Is The Trusted Global Partner For Premium Access Solutions
  • Oversees Green Line Company To The All Glass Integrated Solutions, Decorated Multiple Systems Together And Deal With You In Your Projects With Respect To Our Business As We Are The Only Company Specializing In Consulting, Design And Innovation Engineering And Fittings Outstanding Individual For The Various Systems Of The Global Glass Through An Integrated System Based On The Rule Of Steel Fixed Characterized Expertise From An Engineering Consulting And Design Innovations To Produce Solutions That Are Dazzling So Green Line Has Become A Leader In The Supply And Installation Of All Types Of External And Internal Interfaces

  • Multiple Systems Such As Spider, Structure And Cladding And Regulations Of Various Tractors Uses Of Sliding Or Folding And Spacers Glass Static And Animated Handrails, Swimming Pools, Shower Cabins And Shower Rooms, Decorations And Glass Cladding Glass, Stainless Steel, Where We Have The Biggest Brands In Various Fields, The Green Line Is The Name That Indicates Its Meaning And Is Ignored Or Separation Between The Environment And Industrial And Technological Progress Not But Link Between The Green Line And Is Intended To Defend The Environment And Exploitation Of Industrial Progress, Therefore, Our Constant Goal Is To Achieve Difficult Equation Is Always An Architectural Glass To Continue The Global Future Developments So It Is Our Duty Technology Everywhere

  • Such As Malls, Airports, Banks, Hospitals, Tourist Villages, Sports clubs And Homes All Engineering Tools Architectural Glass Externally And Internally, Through The Integrated System Have The Green Line, Which Always Seeks To Achieve Designs And Expectations Of Customers And Satisfy Them Technically And Scientifically And Creative In Order To Achieve Our Future Plans To Reach The Goal Required A Deployment Architecture With Glass And Achieve The Difficult Equation For Our Customers Is Always The Highest Quality With The Latest International Standards + Choose The Best Suitable Raw Materials + Global Expertise Technically And Industrially + Multiple Innovative Models For Many Years = Green Line Company. We Are Honored To Deal With Yourself And Your Are Ready To Send All The Catalogs And Willing To Work Inspections Required In The Workplace If Your Request This Yours Sincerely Accept

How Is Green Line Structured?

Green Line Global Company Operates Through An Integrated System Characterized By Artistic Quality Of The Consulting Engineering Designs And Innovations For An Integrated Solutions Distinguished By A Huge Act Of Advisers And Designers And Innovators And Management Projects The Highest Level Of Competence And Experience Unique In The Performance Of Their Team To Reach The Achieve The Desired Goals In The Green Line Under The Name Of Architectural Glass, And This Is Our Constant Goal And We Also Have A Dedicated Team To Meet The Needs. Customers And Take Their Suggestions And Analyzed Technically To Achieve All Their Needs And The Green Line Provides Technical Support And After Sales Service Installations, Sales And Follow Up For Each Of Our Projects Through The New System, But We Now Have A Geographical Distribution Of The Green Line In Global Areas Of Sales And Installations Scattered Around The World In Europe, America, England And The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia And Qatar Libya and Africa. And Now The Construction Of The Largest Exhibition In The World Carries New Vision In Architecture Glass To Be The Green Line Real Window Through Which The Customer Can See Everything That Is Universally Modern Prototype Practically Can Access The Right Choice And Achieve Marketing Real Vision Through The Green Line To Complete The System Required.

Our Mission & Vision

Green Line Is A Global Partner And Reliable In The Work Of A Partnership With Every Customer In The World Because We Believe That Our Customers Are The Real Partner Of The Green Line, We Always Strive To Provide Our Customers With The Latest Solutions In Engineering Technology Architecture Special Glass Support Of All Stakeholders In The Field Of Information To Enable All Of The Design And Implementation Glass Buildings As Aesthetic Modern In Terms Of Use, Durability And Techniques Of Interfaces And Animated Interfaces Steady And Doors Opening And Closing Different Articulated And Sliding And Methods Of Folding Glass In Ways That Provide So Many Of The Needed Products To Quality And Global Technical Specifications Required By The New Green Line System, Our Team The Work Of Professional Consultants And Innovators And Designers, Technicians And Administrators, And We Seek To Expand This System To Achieve Our Mission To Link Between Us And Our Customers And Provide Them With Architecture Technology Globally And Find A Glass Integrated Solutions To Satisfy Them And Never Stop On The Performance Of Our Mission Successfully.

Facts & Figures

Is The Name That Carries Meaning A Disregard Failure Or Separation Between The Environment And Industrial And Technological Progress, But Linkage Between The Green Line And Is Intended To Defend The Environment And Exploitation Of Industrial Progress Environmentally And Industrially Maintaining A Healthy Environment And Aesthetics Evolving To Keep Pace With Global Development, Therefore Green Line Is Becoming Real Window That You See From Which All That Is New In The Real Estate Market Of A New Architecture called Architectural Glass Which Provide Greater visibility Across The Surfaces Of Glass And The Possibility Of Exploiting Places As Much As Possible To Preserve The Environment And Reduce The Use Of Energy And Always Seeks Green Line To Provide Modern Innovative Solutions From Destinations Animated Types Using Different Forms Of Malls, Banks, Hospitals And Clubs, Swimming pools, Houses And Processing Everything Fits Occupation And The Green Line Is Keen To Achieve The Equation Are Hard For The Highest Quality With The Latest International Specifications + Choose The Best Suitable Raw Materials + Global Experience Technically And Industrially + Multiple Models Innovative For Many Years = Green Line. Conservatives On The Meaning Of That Name

Quality Management

Green Line Demands High Quality Standards Of Its Products And Processes. The Certificates Of The Producing Ahmed Al-Gazar Companies Around Show That Green Line Meets This High Standard.